A movement is building across the country to reject dirty fossil fuels and embrace clean energy. This movement’s progress is taking hold in the states. Clean Energy for All is a grassroots campaign that is moving our country closer to 100 percent clean energy.

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I pledge to fight for pollution-free communities, and to move our country toward 100% clean energy. I will do this by urging my federal, state, and local elected officials to support this work and hold them accountable for their decisions, actions, and inactions. I will support candidates who will stand up to Big Polluters and commit to our public health. And I will advocate for our right to power our homes, vehicles, businesses, and communities with clean energy.

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About Clean Energy for All

Clean Energy for All is a grassroots campaign launched by the League of Conservation Voters and its state affiliates in the Conservation Voter Movement.  Together, we will engage at the state and local levels by:


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